Our sponsors, where would we be without them?

In life, in music and in business, there are always so many people who choose to join us along the way.

These companies have stepped up to help us realize our dream. It is important for us to recognize the immeasurable support they offer and the quality products that contribute to our unique sound. Thank you for taking the time to get to know them better too.


I've been a true fan of Ned Steinberger for almost 30 years now, when I first purchased a graphite fretless bass that I still own and use.

This new generation of instruments has taken the brilliant original design to a whole new level where sound is everything.  It's arched bridge allows it to be played with a bow as well.

It's a masterpiece of a bass and I love it!


The first microphone I purchased was a Sennheiser. That sound became the measuring post for what I wanted to hear. Pure and truthful delivery is what I still want today. We never forget our first love, that is why Sennheiser is still my first choice.

Marc and I use the Sennheiser model EW500-935 G3 cordless microphones for our live performances. Even if we knew what Sennheiser quality was all about, they still managed to amaze us. We found the toneful output outstanding! Find out more here but go and try them out for yourself. We have no doubt you will be convinced too.



The Yamaha Silent Bass is absolutely the closest thing to an acoustic bass, with so much more portability.  

I was originally attracted to the instrument by the bowing capabilities. The true sound is great and even when played in a jazz context the results are highly impressive. 

This comes as no surprise from a company as serious as Yamaha.