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The talented contributors to i love are numerous. We hope you take a moment to get to know them.


Bianca Pittoors: kazoo, vocals 

Marc Langis: acoustic guitar, dobro, basses, vocals, drums on i still believe

Dominique Messier: drums (except on i still believe)

Paul Picard: percussion

Jean-Seb Carre: violin

Nathan Tanouye: trombone

Daniel Falcone: trumpet

Phil Wigfall: alto sax, alto flute

Eric Tewalt: tenor sax, clarinet

Kevin Breit: electric guitars


Photography: Claude Brazeau

Artistic Design: Bianca Pittoors

Graphic artist: Carole Élie

All songs written and arranged by Bianca Pittoors & Marc Langis

Horn arrangements by Nathan Tanouye except you found you by Daniel Falcone

Recorded by Ken Friesen at Signal Path Studio in Almonte, ON, CA

Dominique Messier recorded all his drum tracks in Montreal, QC, CA

Horns, violin and percussion recorded by Ron George in Las Vegas, NV, USA

Mixed by Ken Friesen, Marc Langis and Bianca Pittoors at Signal Path

Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab in Ottawa, ON, CA

Executive producers: Bass Frequency Inc. for Bianca Basso Inc.

Produced by Bianca Pittoors & Marc Langis

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