Where do we begin?

Our health is important. A lot of what we do is inspired by our desire to stay vibrant. Life on a stage demands vitality. Marc certainly exhibits this very clearly anytime he is on a stage!

Cycling comes right after music for us. In the winter we have the gym. Then culinary arts and every other form of art: painting, sculpture, gardens, poetry and litterature. Marc and I both love to cook. When we are home we rarely eat out. We make great meals at home. That is how we can balance eating tasty and healthy. We need to love the food we put in our mouths.

People; it may seem odd to say but we love people. Whenever you have the chance to make an authentic human connection you have to go for it. You may discover a treasure is standing right before your eyes.


Our interests in music are really wide. It is probably more accurate to say we are music fans and leave it at that. We've never been in a box when it comes to listening and there is so much great music out there to enjoy. When there is a high level of musicality, we're in!


Give us movies with a purpose. Our interests cover works from around the globe. We love a good story and love good writing. It does not matter what is the origin of the film as long as it has something to say.


Read all you can is our motto. So many authors have inspired us whether they be lyricists, novelists or non-fiction writers. Life is for learning, so we read.


Between us we have four children who all play music. So it's kind of a Brady Bunch meets Partridge Family scenario when we all get together. Everyone is at a different stage. The older ones are starting to write their own music and the younger ones are exploring with a variety of instruments. As long as we have music, we will be happy. You could say life Rocks at our house! 

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