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“When something poses as obstacle to you, surmount it and use it as a miracle to move on to greater height.” - Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, Overcoming the Challenges of Life

When an obstacle, be it physically inert or human, presents itself to us, it is up to deal with it. How we deal with them will depend on the situation, the tools at hand etc. but deal with it we must or we are destined to re-live those encounters again and again.

The challenges that are recurring are the ones I want to write about today. They are the ones that have the strongest messages and the ones we are most likely to learn from. If you just want to walk away from a situation, relationship or professional dynamic, that it is the one you need to face most of all. I have face it often enough to see it quickly now. You see the teachers life sends us are not all standing in front of us with a textbook in hand. Those teachers would be soooooo easy to spot. It is the ones who are challenging the way we work and live and think, to drive us towards a new direction that are here to teach us life’s lessons.

Since I believe that the reason we are here on earth in this life, is to learn, I believe we must face every obstacle with a smile. Life rarely gives us more than we can handle. Face whatever it is that is coming your way and find out what you are made of.



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Bianca Pittoors & Marc Langis are Bianca Basso. Creators of original music with a vintage flavor, they are distinctive in their contemporary style.

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