Do it once, then a 1000 times

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

This year, I have decided that I a few subjects would be recurring in the course of my week: our ability to create, be it our lives or our art; empathy, a much misunderstood concept and consciousness.


Increasing our awareness of all these things comes with visiting them on a  regular basis. So if you are with me, I will try to publish something 3 times a week. I invite you to comment. It allows my writing to become more than a conversation with myself. After all the point is that authentic human connection I am always pursuing.


So tune in regularly and we will see what we have become when we emerge on the other side of the worm hole ( or warm whole?) :)





This personal blog was written by Bianca Pittoors. You may “share” it in its entirety. I respectfully request that you respect it as the intellectual property that it is. Thank you!


Bianca Pittoors & Marc Langis are Bianca Basso. Creators of original vintage music, they are distinctive in their contemporary style.

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