Knock, knock. Destiny calling!

“Listen for the call of your destiny, and when it comes, release your plans and follow.” - Mollie Marti

I have a dear friend who has one foot in his life and one foot in his past. Now if you can imagine what this looks like, it becomes quite clear he is not living in either and can not move on until he willingly lets go of his past.

Many of us maintain fantasies about our past. Yes fantasies! Imagining life was better than it was; that our job, our house, our relationship, and on and on, was something out of a Meg Ryan movie ending. We may hear destiny calling. We may try to negotiate with it. It is only when we surrender to it that we can create a space for the wonders of our destiny to enter. So why don’t we? There are a multitude of reasons. Fear of realizing how great our lives can actually be might be more prevalent than people think.

So my friend who has a new life, a new house, a wonderful new relationship and a new business, still suffers the loss of his past. He only needs to bump into anything related to his old life to focus, with great drama, on what he calls his only failure. The call of destiny has shown him that everything he has wished for is here or on its way. Only he has the power to release his previous plans and follow.

Next week I will blog on a new series. I hope you will join me. Until then I leave you with one of my favorite teacher’s words.



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