"It's not that often that I put a cd on and realize that I've listened to it in its entirety and
 want more.....Well, this is one of those times"
                                                   - Ken Ehrlich, producer of the Grammy Awards since 1980

"Beautifully crafted.
Votre bonheur de faire de la musique ensemble nous saute à la face et nous touche.
Très beau projet. Merde dans sa mise au monde."

                                                                             - Daniel Lavoie


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Bianca Basso is the creative duo of singer Bianca Pittoors and bassist Marc Langis.

Since their collaboration began, they have woven a tapestry of distinctive and colorful original music.
Influenced by a multitude of music styles, they have simply come to be known as memorable.  
Bianca & Marc exhibit such joy and happiness when playing their music, it is absolutely infectious.
Telling stories and laughing as they go along, these performers offer a transparent musical experience.

Whether you are enjoying an intimate "unplugged" presentation or the glamour of their full musical entourage,
when you experience the allure that is Bianca Basso you will leave feeling happy! 

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