#6 - Dedicate an hour a day to something you’re passionate about. 

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”  ― Émile Zola 

An hour does seem like a big block of time for someone like me. How about you? But somehow, finding time to write to you right now is taking time for one of my many passions. 

I can assure you that I will not die of boredom. I have many passions: painting, writing (songs and such) cooking, singing and on and on. The one thing I find I am missing is time. Time is my most valuable commodity. So the idea of trying to find a whole hour to devote to a passion every day seemed like a titanic task. But I found time by thinking outside the box in what I can do when and how. Example: I do my vocal practice in the car on my way to work. I have 45-60 minutes in the morning of uninterrupted time. I get connected with my internal instrument and I wake up my voice in preparation for the day ahead. At one point I realized that writing my blog was therapeutic for me. The mere act of writing it brings me back to who I am; reconnects me after my day. I don’t know if anyone reads them and it’s ok. It helps me. If it helps even one person, it is a gift. So I take the time to write, sometimes in card or a journal instead of a blog, on a regular basis. Painting takes me somewhere else entirely. It is a study too, but I think every artistic expression requires an element of surrender in order for it to be accomplished. Once someone asked me where I got my ideas for song lyrics. The lyrics are already in the music and sometimes you just have to be still to hear the song altogether. I’m like a radio receiving that transmission. The stillness inside is there when I go to my creative space.  

When there is a will there is a way to find the time for your passions. Once you find a way to let go of something and let your passion live, you will open the door to order and be closer to finding your way in this life. 



This personal blog was written by Bianca Pittoors. You may “share” it in its entirety. I respectfully request that you respect it as the intellectual property that it is. Thank you!

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