The gift of transformation

"Surely the Greatest gift you have to give, is that of your Own self-transformation." - Hua Hu Ching

Notice the words that are capitalized in the quotation. Tomorrow I will start a new series related to creating our happiness.

Have you ever noticed that when you talk about some kind of self-development there is always someone around that says, “You really need that.” It inevitably feels like a burn and turns us off. Even when they look at us with a big smile, it just rubs the wrong way. So why is that? Had to ask - you should know me by now :) My theory, because I would not have a blog to write if I didn’t have an opinion, is that although a part of us has become aware of facets that we can improve, there is still another part of us that is in denial. That second part of us is annoyed that anyone else could even suggest we need to change anything at all. Don’t listen to it. It lives in ego. As Paul Pearsall says in his book, The Heart’s Code, “A brain run world may not be the world our heart desires.”

Heed Hua Hu Ching’s wisdom. Be generous with yourself. Listen to your heart that wants to learn, grow and feel. Tell your head to have faith. It will be fine.



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