Being right and the V-neck dress

"Who you are is always right" - Deng Ming-Dao, Taoist master

Another fraud attempt this morning. Interesting. This time somebody wanted me to buy them a sexy V-neck dress for $149.49. I just couldn’t let it happen.

Now, today’s quote of wisdom is very interesting and I realize it could easily be interpreted in a variety of ways. I once had a boss who would say, “It’s good to be right!” For him being right was more important than being fair or being a good boss even. We are not talking about right as a position with others but right as a feeling we feel. Notice that when you make a decision based on being true to yourself you always feel right about it. Even if it ultimately ends up being a not so good decision, at least you were true to yourself. You can say, “Next time I will choose differently!” and move on. We can look at it this way: if you choose to do something because it is what someone else whats you to do and then you have no fun at all, that’s just the biggest bummer. Not only did you not do what you wanted but you didn’t have fun doing what someone else wanted? Ouch!

For me the above phrase is about that. When you live for yourself, in a self-full way*, who you are is always right. Be true to yourself. Stay connected with your own vibe. Buy your own sexy V-neck dress!



*Self-full as opposed to selfish, as explored in a previous blog, is to put ourselves first so we can subsequently offer the best of who we are to those around us. Selfish is described in the dictionary as: caring too much about oneself and not enough about others. Very different indeed!

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