Music is our comfort zone

“Music isn't just a pleasure, a transient satisfaction. It's a need, a deep hunger; and when the music is right, it's joy. Love. A foretaste of heaven. A comfort in grief. ” - Orson Scott Card

Today I came across an survey done in the UK by a bathroom renovation company. They asked their clients what was their favorite shower song. It was an interesting list. It got me thinking about what I sing in the shower, so I thought today, I would share that with you, because YES I sing in the shower.

Since I am foremost a jazz singer my list begins with But Not For Me and The Very Thought Of You. Two songs which never made their way into my book of over 200 tunes. Don’t know why that is as they are both great tunes. Probably just too many great tunes out there. I also vocalize a lot in the shower. My favorite Mi-i-ah-ah ah; you know it? Hahahaha! Then there are songs I have written, some that we do not do like, Whirlwind. (Maybe I will get Nathan Tanouye to write me chart for that one one day so you can hear it too.) What I find the most is that in that cosy acoustic environment I let the feelings of the moment inspire me. To date I have never written a song in the shower but I have evolved on a work in progress.

I think everyone should sing. It is good for us and allows us to connect with what our heart wants to express. So be it in the shower or while cleaning or mowing the lawn or driving along, sing out loud. One more thing...what is your song? I want to know what gets you going. :D



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