Going for a spin?

“To be alive is to be dizzy and not to know exactly where to go.” Ander Monson


Well I must be really really alive because I have been so dizzy that I can barely walk.


I have this weird condition that hits me every couple of years. Ten years ago, I woke up one morning, sat on the edge of my bed and was so dizzy I fell back and couldn’t get up for at least an hour. The dizziness made it hard to stand, or walk, and I certainly would not be able to operate a vehicle in such a state. A visit to a specialist confirmed what my research had uncovered. Inside the labyrinth of our inner ear there are sensors that float around in the liquid and send messages to our brain. It regulates balance and the brain confirms those messages with reports it gets from our eyes. In my ears, the sensors clump together and send skewed reports to the brain. The disparity with the messages sent from my eyes cause the vertigo to set in. Since it is a mechanical issue, there is no treatment or cure. The specialist could not offer any explanation as to why it happens or what the causes could be. So I spend the two or three days it lasts completely unable to do anything and virtually exhausted by the dizziness.


So now I am at the end of day three. Having had a lot of time to just sit immobile wondering what could possibly be at the root of my issue, I still have no physical or spiritual answers. I hope I can work tomorrow as I have missed enough hours already due to my kid’s life changing accident. I am living in a whirlwind. My life has changed dramatically in all kinds of ways. Maybe I need to adapt to this new pace, this new direction…


I can walk now. I still get dizzy. I am glad to be alive so I will find a way to march on.





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